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Dr. Russo has helped me tremendously over the years. It is amazing what the nervous system does for the body and Dr. Russo helps me achieve peak performance for my job through his Chiropractic adjustments. He is very understanding, likeable, and a doctor who listens and addresses my concerns. If you are searching, looking, or needing help in any way physically, Dr. Russo is highly recommended…
Mike C. New Orleans, LA
I am a firm believer in him and his clinic, and he practices what he preaches about good health, which is also a big part of good chiropractic health. I have learned a lot from him about anti-inflammatory supplements and foods that will help improve my spinal health. He doesn’t “push” these supplements on his customers, and actually does not even sell them, so they is no pressure to buy anything. Simply put, he is honestly interested in improving his patients’ health in every way possible.
Viet T. New Orleans, LA
I have been to Dr. Russo for treatment for two different car accidents and after a few treatment sessions, I felt a lot better and at the end of treatment, I felt better than I did before the car accident. Dr. Russo is very professional and his knowledge of chiropractic care definitely serves his patients well.
Chris R. Berlin, MD



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